Keeping Thumbnail when exporting to Google Drive

I carefully set my thumbnail in WeVideo, but the moment I export it and import it into Google Drive, it chooses its own thumbnail, usually some random place in the middle of the video. How do I get the export to keep the thumbnail outside of the WeVideo platform?

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That’s a great question. Any ideas @jennifer.leban @jay.seibert? I know you’re both very WeVideo savvy. :smiley:

I have run into the same problem with Google Drive. For some reason, Drive gives a random thumbnail. However, if you download that video to your computer from Google Drive, the thumbnail should revert back to the one selected in WeVideo.

Argh - I was hoping there was an easy fix. We have a video embedded into a Google slide. It’s so easy to store it in drive. I’ll have to link from somewhere else I guess.